domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

MY BOY- english

Mirror ball shines, dancing Party time
staving off boredom, calling it playing around, it’s not ending Friday Night
Nearly drowning into the night only to forget about last love
Without clouds, being pierced by that eyes, heart bursts open
Tonight’s the night, heartbeat speeds up and doesn’t seem to stop
Unbroken magic begins; not minding people watching, forcibly
Pulling this hand and taking away to a place no-one knows
Up-from-under look’s signal, suddenly hugging closely; Baby
Not close to be enough flashy, timid and shy Peter Pan
Through the night, left behind DIARY, not meaning to go back
Time goes by, hey, you’ve missed the last train purposely, didn’t you?
Sharing the bright red earphones; left mine and right yours
Not preferring the popular love song but it’s not bad either
Unbroken magic begins; on Saturday evening as well as Sunday morning
Let’s weep and laugh frankly because anything and everything

Thanks to: @LMCtranslations

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