domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

BABY TALK- english

Going swimmingly today too, wanna do as he likes from the morning till night
Excessively high tension; everyone is hopeless super rookies
I know being treated like a child gives you hell, be careful

Leaded by mom, he makes a long-awaited debut in a park
And then Boy meets Girl, love alarm surges
For that older girl there’s a pit a pat in his chest, Fall in Fall in Love

He gets on a two-seater, favourite Benz purchased at ToysRus
Decided to aim to the favourite park to say ‘Hello’ to that girl
The woman of his dreams with beautiful profile Shiny Smiley Girl

Her face expression doesn’t seem so, the girl feels down
Swing swings and tears shine in a flash of light
So many things go wrong and I’m awful

Don’t cry, Hello Hello Hello, smile like always
Because even if despair chooses you I’ll protect you
It’s all right, Never Never Give-up, because I’ll immediately be near you
Simply don’t hate me

Using favourite shovel, he rewrote over and over again
Carved a message in a sandpit, he feels that today for sure will be able to say
Crying baby is self-conscious too, love fighter approaches assuming the air of affectation
A difference of two years is manageable, no problem BE MY LADY!

Evening in the park, just the two of them now
Standing alone on the top of a slide she informs
As a matter of fact very soon I’m… moving to a street far away

Don’t cry, Hello Hello Hello, we’re being separated but when I become an adult I won’t forget you
It’s all right, Never Never Good-bye, well, you should go without turning over
Pretended not to look; third finger’s marriage ring

“I LOVE YOU” written on the sand disappeared in the wind

Thanks to: @LMCtranslations

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