domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

Goak-On-SOUL- english

Travellers searching for adventures, suddenly thrilled without a reason
Without getting tired every night greedy dowsing insolent meetings
The amount of appointments, hit or miss knows only the organizer
It ends without getting to know the real names, disposable one-in-a-lifetime encounters
That is more rough and avant-garde, feigned politeness blooms in profusion
World filled with conversations without results, hundred is accepted two hundred too

When they devote themselves to a flow of preestablished harmony what will be, will be
Even though they click tongue to the division of wrong party it’s frivolous

Tactics are troublesome too and they’re going head over heels round and round
Bewitchery of fox and raccoon dog; real intentions hidden inside
To distract from loneliness, marrymaking until they become High
Drinking till they reach oblivion, intoxicated with emptiness

It can’t be helped. It’s a tough world. It’s a dream! Isn’t it kinda out of question?
Number of empty glasses doubles, heart becomes empty

Throwaway match; no motivation no excitement, they wanna go home
They know without saying that this person is surely a wasting of life

If there is no night that doesn’t end, there’s no sun that doesn’t sink, I guess.
Fox and raccoon dog will lick injuries; badgers of the same hole
Because of inevitable anxiety boisterous marrymaking with complete stranger
Overdrinking; the place they’re aiming at is a next party
Burning soul gets over the emptiness until it’s reduced to ashes.
* “Goak-on” is made up english-like word from Japanese 合コン[goukon] which means ‘group dating’. Maya was explaining it during one of the Music Japan Plus LM.C TV streamings.

Thanks to: @LMCtranslations

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