jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

GAME of LIFE- english

Future on the palm of my hand branches into infinity
If I make a mistake it’ll be GAME OVER, gotta go through a desperate situation

Destination, notification NUMBER, finding myself on the starting point again
Ya know, because I’m furious; a whole lot; fate; SHUT OUT

I’m looking neither to the right nor to the left, such a beautiful day
Today clock’s hand is not stopping either; go go go going on
To taste the bitter and the sweet; living super innocuously you can’t shine; OeOeO

To be able to say I loved and was loved; is thing like that a total fickleness?
Unfulfilled to the utmost, nothing but mountainless valleys yet forcible GOING
「WANNA meet   CAN’T meet…」I’m tired of hearing a phrase like that
If you desire bear off, when there’s no opportunity create one; Game of Life

World keeps spinning round and round with a bored face
Recently there’re really big problems, natural disasters, man-made disasters it’s like in movie

Somehow suddenly I become lonely IN MY BED, very lonely night
But sunshine rises again; vi va la moonlight
Old and young, men and women, in “life” everyone is a BEGINNER; get support

Loving each other and hating each other is a proof of our existence; isn’t it good?
There will be days of favourable winds and days of fail; heavy drinking BLOWING
「SOMEday IT HAVE TO come TRUE!」that kind of diverted phrase is permissible
Blow off the competition; use every trick and run ahead to gain the victory; GAME of LIFE

Thanks to: @LMCtranslations

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