jueves, 4 de agosto de 2011

EDO FUNK- english

The clear Japanese weather 1000% ideal for summer festival weather
Cicada’s high tension voice, my chest dances from the smell of the wind
Short of hurried breath as I climb over the stone steps towards the shrine
The first meeting you were out of character about to blow a fuse

Connected with this hand so you won’t completely flutter astray
Its not the heat of the summers fault
You advert your eyes and quietly say such things 「I kinda feel shy」
If we were able to fall in love wouldn’t it only be heartbreaking? Typically

Your profile emerged illuminated by skyrockets
The light inside is shaking don’t disappear, don’t disappear
While saying 「It’s beautiful」scatter petals dance in an instant
I Pretended to look up at the night sky when with a sidelong glance I was looking at you

With my foolish soul* I’m bored enough to go live boldly
More than kinds of flower, more than dango** its my main (course)

I become shy in the middle of fluttering festival merry making but
You are preoccupied somewhere else
While those eyes were keeping up with the thief of the world
He was stealing your heart

Sparklers in ones hands tell of tears of unrequited love
「Be flirtatious towards me」such remarks I can’t say, I can’t say
Lets remain wrapped up in this orange color for just a bit longer like this
The truth is I liked you from way before

Your profile emerged illuminated by skyrockets
Even though the seasons come and go I’ll never forget

*The literal translation was “Bloody Fool” which is a type of expression but I changed it to make it sound a bit less awkward
**Type of Japanese sweet on sticks 

Thanks to: teya-lmcholic@tumblr

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