sábado, 18 de febrero de 2012

Special one-night Budokan song- English

I’m finding the words
I’ve something to tell you now, but still
My words are unable to catch up my feelings

It’s not for anybody, it’s also not for myself
I’m not hurrying to know the answer
I don’t know if the answer even exists

Too close to see and Too far away to touch
However, now, I’ve a feeling that I’m right beside you

The big empty hole in the center of my heart
I feel that it can be filled up, in this kind of days

Everytime when the things I don’t want to lose increase

The feeling is so strong that makes myself feeling weak

My feelings are overlapping each other
I really want to express them to you right now
Please, don’t fell asleep, please wait me for a moment

Thanks to: mayyatan

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