lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011

星の在処。-ホシノアリカ-- english

(Go ahead, let’s take it to the top
Go ahead, we’re never gonna stop)

To be able to wait long, long for a day to dawn, I flew out to the other side of a square night sky
I’m taking out the kindred spirit soul mate, we are aiming at that secret place

Lights of streets vanished, 88’s story is floating, no-one knows the close and distant hiding place of stars

It can break through as it’s shining, no-one can snatch away this light
Even in a maze-like pitch dark place, that voice guides me
I’ll keep on shining in my way Yeah!!

You can frankly get to cry with a smile, there’s no need to act cool

In a familiar scenery drawing a story only for us, we all know the distant and close, hiding place of stars

Not asking about the reason of that tears, keep running through while being bewildered
On sleepless nights of being apart this song will connect us
We’ll keep on singing our stupid songs Yeah!!!

A fate that dwells in stars can be a God’s whim, it’s a miracle that can get called Milky Way
Instant vitality ON & ON & ON, tears off over an ultra gigantic diorama
Hey Boys! More, more; Hey Girls!! Much more, much more
Let me hear, BOYS & GIRLS say Waaaaaaaaa@:ァ>°♂a‰S?⇒ッ!?!!!

It’s fine if you’re disliked person, it doesn’t matter if you can’t keep up
If there’s a past you want to change, you should change the future
Moonlight is swaying, occasions to face each other piled up
I won’t forget about the miracle of being born on the same planet(star) in the same era

We’re crying laughing while shining, no-one can dispose of this place
We keep on accelerating in a head wind, since that voice guards us
Let’s go to see this infinitely extending universe together while taking detour
Even if stars can’t be seen in the night sky
Whenever we look up at the universe(sky) it will glimmer immediately
We always live under the same stars!!!!

(Go ahead, let’s take it to the top
Go ahead, we’re never gonna stop)x2

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