miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011


Extra-high class gingiragin, utopia floating in the sky
Highscrapers tied together, lowering his breathing he's waiting for a trophy
Wrapped in spangles eight-legged good-for-nothing
With a style you can’t refuse, he’s not a delinquent from here (shalalalala)

He is a love sniper by birth, he says his ability to win is 99,9%
Armed with falsehood habit and stark-naked midnight,
With a sweet voice and funny face deceitful gentleman hides his fangs
Polishing up his skillful intrigue he sprinkles suspected pheromones

「Well, come nearer, it’s all right」
「Don’t be affraid I won’t hurt you」 「If you close your eyes it’ll be over immediately」

Yeah Yeah!! Naughty spider stretches his wicked sweet trap
Oh Yeah!! 「Haphazardly I have a right to cut you down」insolently bares his poisoned fangs
Uh Yeah!! 「No need to struggle, it’s not like I dislike you to stop and give up」
Ah Yeah!! Tonight shubidooba too, Sexual frigid Spider who starves for love

「It was a night I can never change」
「I was just easily tempted」
A butterfly from forbidden area - temptation
Humming unconcernedly slipped through the trap「Swallowtail butterfly of illusion like from a dream」

Yeah Yeah!! Stupid Spider reaching out his hand, lost his footing
Oh Yeah!! 「I wanna touch the wiiing,,,」seriously the world is hopeless
Uh Yeah!! Crashing, the stretched around thread is torn to pieces
Ah Yeah!! Visions ecstasy, Shakyamuni asks: Are you alive?
Oh My God!! The tiny Spider, what a helpless foolish animal
Falling Down!! 「Aaa、the ego passes awayy」even if he fell into darkness the Spider doesn't learn by experience.

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