domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010

YASHA姫- English

Walking charmed by your hand so I don’t get lost. Outburst of cicadas dyeing the festival colours of summer.
The temperature that even tied tightly obi comes loose. The Moon melts too, at a sultry night when something seems to happen.

I induced the words of invitation for the second time. An OK after two weeks of irritating you.
Being pressed by wave of people, approaching the lips… When you avert my eyes, I consider it a perfect suggestive sign.

Even unbearable tactics became tame, no uncomfortable feeling.
I said things like 「…embarrasing」 however I’m not that geniuine.

I raise my eyes at the night sky where petals flies overlaping one onother for a moment in this transient world.
Whereabouts of my heart have been revealed in my body but not in my spirit.
One night love affair, soon the festival will mark the end.
Your glances are unnoticed, hands tied as they were.

Many arrows fly without facing each other.
All acts leading to enlightenment are uncertain circumstances, "feelings" are farce and so is the festival’s music band.

It seems a whimsical shooting star is not likely to grant our desires.
Interrupted these words just to dropp the tears.

I greet the season when dead falling leaves dances and the calendar rotates in a moment of this transient world.
Whereabouts of my heart has been revealed now here too.
Even if the long night of love is burning in my chest, I will not go back to the days of passed summer.
In an orange memory I recall you from those days.

I raise my eyes at the night sky and make you hear these words.
I recall you just in selfishness.

* Maya sings in 1st person as the Yasha-hime (he uses female pronoun). That is pretty important, because he said in some interview that he likes to "become" a girl for songs in which he sings as a girl, like: "Blueberry Night" for example.
**It looks like Maya took some inspiration from the mythological Yashas. They has dual personalities, they are romantic figures, pining with love for missing beloved. Which is reflected in the song quite well. (Also there are male and female versions of Yashas.) You can check the general info on Wiki or smth.

Thank you so much !!!!♥

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