viernes, 12 de marzo de 2010

It's a Wonderful Wonder World- english

In this world filled with dissonances, you were not able to become friends with others
You were upset about this, and you gave up like what you usually do
You are a crybaby, but you are totally not as weak as you think you are
Let's laugh with the funny things, when you are crying

With your bright red hair made into spikes, you never be humble to the others
You say that you love to be alone, But you are just a willful mess
Actually you are not as strong as the others think about you
In the nights you cannot sleep, you just play at anywhere you could

Let's be together, if we can change ourselves completely
I am carving my voice right here, to let us ecounter without getting lost

Feeling the "Miracle of born on the same planet in the same era"
At different places, we look up at the same moon
Suddenly, we feel a little bit lonely without a reason
Again and again, we exchanged invisible promises saying "See you later"

Just let the end of night comes
In the light which cuts and breaks the darkness, please stay with me quietly

Showed up and disappeared, the "truth" and the "lies" are everything of this world
They pass away just like the mysterious sudden rain

Let's be together, if we can change ourselves completely
I will continue to sing here, to let my wish comes true
Let's make more different dreams, before the night ends
Please keep on smiling, even if tomorrow will not be changed
I am carving my voice right here
Here, this world must be a wonderful wonder world

Nota: Sintiendo el milagro de haber nacido en el mismo mundo, en la misma era... *suspira* hermoso...

Nota Walter: cama cama camaleon yo soy el camaleon :D Y ASIII y amm............ i LOVE paris hilton
Nota: LOL

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