jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

peekaboo- english

 Natural Born a rely on others kind of person, I keep asking for too much
Uncanny relationship formed by a quirk of fate, retribution, I don’t know what it means

I feel like deleting the subject of recorded drama as it is without watching
Plz, call me a happy idiot, it’s relatively too late

I’m looking at the streets from above the clouds
It looks peaceful, but how is it really?
Rain after rain is not good, right?its a staying at home story
Cheers to a half-dried future; scattered sigh

Because I’m going to your place right now
The great gloominess will disappear, because of your smile

All and each and everything, seriously; shabadaba
Because it’s somewhat a troublesome thing, going to the beach or anywhere would be good
Look! Because I feel like you can surely manage it somehow or another
Do the peekaboo and open your heart with both of your hands

Say ‘Yeah!’ once more, it’s good to frolic
Always, as if nothing happened, acting like you’re an adult
Each time your mind is opposite likeHave to do it properly

The magic of the night will be broken if morning comes, won’t it?
This and that and all Lets say good-bye here~
Because we don’t have such a courage and tomorrow is too soon and we should already go to sleep
Hey, because everything is similar, everything is the same
Show me the tears hidden by your smile, peekaboo

Thanks to: @LMCtranslations

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