viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

The Midnight Museum 4- English

Nobody has seen this before, the paradise of imagination
In a regular rythm, it is becoming larger and larger
This is a place, with no top and bottom, left and right

A comet creeped into the window, whispering
A delicate tear drop of glass, An uncuttble spider web
The rectangular moon just keeps spinning
In the forest, at the same time a lake
We are going to have a tightrope walk on a piano string
If we blind our eyes to walk on the string
The fear will disappears slowly

Mona Lisa, Venus, Do not cry
Let's come with me, getting out of the boring frames
We're escaping to a world we have never seen before
The map that somebody has drawn is not accurate anymore now
We are just confined in the usual emotions,
Willing to forget about anything

The little glitters flowing in the light
Has became our signpost in the complete darkness
A place with no "future" "past" and "present
We are now leaving the exit slowly
If we follow the dotted shadows
We will forget how to go back at the same time

Whims, Jesus, Prophecies, increasing more and more exaggeratedly
Nobody would take the responsibility if accidents happen, or we get lost on the half way, since we has chosen to be here
Papaya, Mango, Strawberry
I am unlikely to choose one of them
It is the madness of my desires
My another stomach* is always empty

Mona Lisa, Venus, please do not go away
Please, do not leave me alone
We always awake, in the most important part of a dream
"Moralitive Rokunmoratorium**" Nobody cares whatever it is
The freedom is already saturated
And we are just used to be boring

* Another stomach: In Japan, people say that there are another stomach for their desserts.
** Moralitive Rokunmoratorium : Just a mess of words.( or letters ) I don't think maya really put some meanings here.So maya-ish anyways. XP

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