martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

METALLY- english

A half-full tank, a high standard exhaust pipe, go, spring, panorama
On this grey stage, road’s lights are my spotlights

Tonight, no need for a guide for this ride
Let’s go with a light heart
It’s always like that; we ride without having any destination, don’t we?

Resound much further than a lightning
Go, speed up and follow us, before moon’s going down

Taking an oath, a so much explosive sound of engines makes new circles
This road was built by the forerunners who opened it up
I don’t want a GPS on which I can’t count anymore

Rise higher than the sun
Go, speed up and follow us, before we run out of time
Free ride, your style - Freaks, right now - Free ride, your all

Nota: before moon's going down!! woo~

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