lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

Boon!!- english

“I can’t see you today”
Was what you softly told me on the other side of the phone
A bad feeling coming from the phone waves makes me want to run

Within five minutes I’ll be with you
So don’t give me your answer yet
I’ll be there in a while, yeah, just a while
So don’t tell me more and wait for me

Tonight where an out season wind
Cold to tear darkness apart, is piercing me
The seat where you were always sitting remembers of your warmth
Even if I have to turn everybody against me
My feelings will never change
I don’t care, I don’t care, to make enemies
I’m going to make it so it’ll be just like before between us, right now

let's go!

The five minutes have gone by, leaving me alone
And I asked you your answer
I’ve run, ran out of time and here I am alone
I’ve asked you what you had to say else
I thought you’ll still be mine
Don’t show me that smiling face
If we ever met again somewhere by any chance
Don’t have become prettier than you are today, I beg you please

Nota: no pongo imagen bonita por que en este album no sacaron nuevo look ¬3¬ o eso creo yo! LOL bueno, amé locamente el final, creeanlo... grité la primera vez que lo leí xD

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